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Like many California cities, Fresno County is easily accessible by airplane or car. Unlike many other cities in the state, though, Fresno isn’t racked by terrible traffic or hard-to-navigate streets. With an international airport, inexpensive yet refined lodgings and an endlessly walkable downtown area complete with a huge convention center, Fresno County is a perfect and sensible location for your next conference, convention or event.


Flying In

 Located in the eastern part of the city, Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI) connects the region with the rest of the world—making Fresno County an ideal spot for conventions and other events that draw attendees from across the nation and the globe. Over 1.4 million people arrive and depart from FYI every year. Eight air carriers provide nonstop service from FYI to destinations such as Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas/Fort Worth and Las Vegas. Flyers can also catch a nonstop flight from Fresno to Guadalajara, Mexico. The airport boasts that it services 316 international destinations on five continents with only one stop, an impressive figure for an airport of its size.




The most common way to get to Fresno County is via car, especially for those living in the western half of the United States. The drive to Fresno takes about three hours from San Francisco, 3.5 hours from Los Angeles and 5.5 hours from San Diego. Most routes go up and down the state using I-5, which connects Mexico to Oregon, and then take State Route 99. Traffic in and around Fresno is not nearly as bad as the infamous congestion that overtakes the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, and parking is usually easy to find and inexpensive. Most of the city is easily reachable by using the CA-99, CA-41, CA-180 and CA-168 freeways. 


Public Transit

Fresno’s bus system, Fresno Area Express (FAX), uses a fleet of 100 buses to take riders to many different corners of the city. The modern buses utilize green technology and are a great way to get around, especially in the downtown area. FAX also offers free transfers, and all of its buses have wheelchair lifts and bike racks. If your destination is in Clovis, there are two transit lines to chose from. Much like FAX, Stageline buses operate on fixed routes and make regularly scheduled stops throughout the Clovis Area. Disabled riders can take trips with ease using The Round Up bus which operates as a demand-response service. 



Fresno receives some 300 days of sunshine each year, so it’s meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Because of this divine weather, the city is focused on being as walkable as possible, especially in the shimmering downtown area near the Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center. If you host an event at this premier venue, attendees will be able to just amble over from dozens of nearby hotels. Many other areas are perfect for strolling, including the city’s wide array of gardens like Shinzen Japanese Garden and the Forestiere Underground Gardens. You can also enjoy the great weather on miles of paved road stretching up and down Clovis. Bike on historic trails such as Railroad Trail, which leads you to the historic Old Town Clovis, or stroll through Dry Creek Trail which as a spacious park, an outdoor gym area and the Clovis Botanical Gardens.


Getting Bused to the National Parks

 Fresno’s great transit options extend to the three national parks that ring the city, all of which are within a 90-minute drive. Between the months of May through September, the Yosemite Regional Transportation System (YARTS) offers shuttles that will take you between Fresno County and Yosemite National Park. The shuttle costs only $30 per person and include entrance fees to the park. Big Trees Transit, also runs between late May and early September, and connects Fresno with Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park. Round-trip tickets cost just $15 per person and also include entrance fees as well as unlimited shuttle service inside the parks.


Visit Fresno County, California’s year-round playground! 

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