Conquer the Ultimate Wellness Weekend in Fresno County


Going on vacation doesn’t mean you should quit your fitness routine. While it’s easy to skip the gym and satisfy your sweet tooth, there are lots of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you’re traveling. In Fresno County, eating well and exercising is a way of life. From serene meditation spots and immersive yoga workshops to organic farmers’ markets and indulgent spas, here are five ways to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in Fresno County.

Meditate at Shinzen Garden

There’s no better place to start your Fresno County wellness retreat than Shinzen Japanese Garden. Shinzen Japanese GardenThe northwestern American Japanese garden is truly something out of a dream and every season bears new blessings. If you time your visit right, you’ll enjoy the park and gardens without too many crowds, making for a serene meditation spot. Stroll through the ume grove, with its wandering paths, echoing waterfalls and cleansing basin, or take in the view at the Double Moon Bridge overlooking the koi pond. According to Japanese tradition, crossing a bridge represents rebirth, so come with an open mind and heart.

Shop the Farmers’ Markets

Exercising regularly is only one aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle; you have to eat the right foods, too. Luckily, Fresno County has no shortage of farmers’ markets where you can buy fresh, local produce. Vineyard Farmers Market is open year-round, selling the finest quality, locally grown fruits and vegetables. If your visit falls on a Saturday, stop by the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market. You’ll have your pick of local fare, including three certified organic farmers. If you’re traveling with the whole family, stock up on ingredients and set out for a picnic lunch.

Refresh at Fulton Yoga Collective

Whether you’re a professional yogi or a complete novice, there’s always a space for Fulton Yogayou at Fulton Yoga Collective & Wellness Boutique. They offer a range of courses and workshops, from yoga sessions and wellness education courses to mindful fitness routines. There’s a beginner class every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m., and all are welcome. Then, on every third Friday of the month, FYC hosts a very special Cleanse/Workshop & Detox Kit. It’s the perfect opportunity to hit the refresh button. Each session focuses on a different healing medium like breathing exercises, journaling sessions and intentional grounding. 

Find Your Zen at Perfect Balance Yoga

Perfect Balance Yoga also hosts regular yoga classes and wellness workshops. Their class schedule is fairly extensive: Ashtanga, Bikram, flow, gentle, hot yoga and more. There’s even a yoga class for kids aimed at expressing creativity and imagination while also releasing tension from the body. Pregnant women are encouraged to sign up for prenatal classes, which focus on stretching, movement and breath, to better prep for childbirth. Can’t commit to the six-week class schedule? Drop in during Community Yoga every Sunday for $5.

Take a Hike

There’s no remedy quite like the power of Mother Nature, so get out there and explore!Millerton Lake Fresno County has plenty of hikes to choose from, depending on your skill set and interests. Woodward Park has something for everyone, from hiking trails and outdoor activities to a well-maintained dog park for those traveling with pets. The nearby Clovis Trails offer over 10 miles of walking and cycling for all abilities and ages. Meander on tree-lined pavement in Old Town or take on the more challenging Dry Creek Trail. Alternatively, if the shoreline appeals to you, set off on a hike at Millerton Lake where you can opt for a boating journey or an afternoon picnic, too. Remember to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated and slip a protein bar in your bag to keep your energy up.

Get Your Spa On

After a long hike, there’s no better reward than a spa day. Muses offers several signature treatments, including a facelift treatment that speeds up cellular turnover, a nonchemical passion-peptide treatment that rebalances and restores the skin, and a luxurious O2 resurfacing treatment. To alleviate sore muscles, opt for one of the massage treatments. Sessions go from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on how indulgent you’re feeling. Can’t commit to a lavish treatment? Stop by for a mani-pedi instead. It’s amazing what a little pampering does to the mood.


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