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McKneely Law Firm

2300 Tulare St Ste 115, Fresno, CA 93721

About McKneely Law Firm

Michael G. McKneely is the owner and managing attorney at McKneely Law Firm, based in Fresno, CA. He has valuable experience defending cases on behalf of clients throughout California and in federal courts across the United States. He is particularly passionate about working with the wrongly accused and those who are seeking to change their lives for the better. No case is too big or too small. He works with defendants facing a multitude of charges, including sex crimes, drug crimes, federal offenses, fraud, theft, assault, felonies, property crimes, juvenile offenses, traffic offenses, and weapons crimes. He helps clients dealing with substance abuse, mental health problems, and other complicated issues navigate the criminal justice system and works to minimize the future consequences of having been charged with crime.

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