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Wolverton Cutoff Loop

Wolverton Cutoff Loop Sequoia National Park, California 93262

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The hike starts at the quiet Crescent Meadow parking lot. It makes the start and end of the hike a lot more enjoyable if you can actually park at Crescent Meadow, but unfortunately, visitors aren't allowed to drive there on summer weekends and holidays between 9 am and 4 pm. Instead, there's a shuttle that runs from the busy Giant Forest Museum between 9 am and 6 pm. In winter, the lot is always closed and there isn't a shuttle.

If the road to Crescent Meadow is closed, an alternative is to park at the Pinewood Picnic Area just off the Generals' Highway and hike in on the Rimrock Trail, adding 1.7 miles to the hike.

A large sign marks the beginning of the High Sierra Trail, which runs all the way to Mount Whitney. Follow the paved trail for a few hundred yards, then turn right to begin climbing a slight hill. The next trail intersection is at a saddle where a few sequoias grow. Turn right again to stay on the High Sierra Trail, which emerges from the forest onto an open hillside. As the trail rounds the corner at Eagle View, the alpine scenery first comes into view. The imposing snow-capped peaks of the Great Western Divide are the most dramatic part of the view, but the broad green valley of the Middle Fork Kaweah River and the tall granite spires of Castle Rock add to the alpine feel of the area.

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