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San Joaquin Fish Hatchery

17372 Brook Trout Drive Friant, CA 93626
(916) 327-8840

About San Joaquin Fish Hatchery

The San Joaquin Fish Hatchery makes sure that every avid angler will be able to have the best Kokannee salmon and rainbow trout for sport and dinner. We shelter the eggs and alevin for the first months under covered troughs until they are ready to swim up and start feeding. Once they reach fingersize, we plant them in lakes and streams in Fresno, Tulare, Mariposa, and Kern counties.

To date, the hatchery plants 750,000 catch annually. But be on the look out because we keep some fish up to 3 years and planted once they reach 10 pounds - a great trophy for those who will be able to catch it.

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