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Aspen Acres

2717 N. Del Rey Ave. Sanger, CA 93657
(559) 291-3099

About Aspen Acres

Learn about the ancestry of llamas, miniature horses, fainting goats, pygmy goats, self-shearing sheep, and Great Pyrenees dogs. Find out where these animals originated and discover their traits and uses.

Learn about seeing-eye miniature horses, what makes fainting goats faint, why llamas spit, how male birds attract a mate, the important job a cat does, how pygmy goats are used as therapy animals, which animal is called “The Perfect Pet” and which animals consider puncture vines a delicacy.

Hold baby goats (in season), pet the horses and feed the animals. At certain times of the year you can even buy one of the unique breeds (West African pygmy and fainting goats) after they are weaned. Some adults are also available.

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