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If Fresno County’s pleasant year-round weather isn’t enough to draw you in, the city’s vast array of venues and immersive experiences sure will. We chatted with Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau Director of Sales, Scott Van Meter, for some inside knowledge about what it’s really like to host your event here. Whether planning an event for your entire company or an intimate weekend with your special someone, the possibilities are truly endless.


Fresno County’s Best Face Forward

There are many benefits of hosting an event in Fresno County, starting with the wine. “We are in an up-and-coming wine region in California, we work with our local wineMoravia Winery partners for winery visits and group tastings,” explains Van Meter. Then there’s the cost to consider. Fresno County is just as forward-thinking and cosmopolitan as San Francisco and Los Angeles, yet it’s more affordable. Finally, Fresno County is a playground for adventurers. “We use the national parks to do day excursions before and after conferences,” notes Van Meter. Fresno was recently named the #6 Summer Vacation Destination by Travelocity. Contributing factors were the great weather, affordability, and availability of attractions, making Fresno County the perfect place to host your next event!


Hotel Happenings

When it comes to personalized service, Fresno County’s hotel staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all guests feel like royalty in their own castle. “Our hotel partners do the little things right to make sure that our clients are taken care of,” explains Van Meter. From special happy hours to casual mixers, event spaces can pretty much transform into whatever setting you choose. Plus, the FCCVB can provide complimentary name badges and inserts. 


Insider Scoop

One of the biggest perks of hosting an event in Fresno County is getting to know the region like a local. Big Trees TransitIf you’re a nature lover, you’re in luck! “Since Fresno County has over 300 days of sunshine, we really like to draw attention to the abundance of natural attractions outside of the conference,” notes Van Meter. One unique experience for groups is a tour of Sequoia National Park to see some of the largest and oldest living trees in the world. Big Trees Transit offers an affordable and convenient way to enjoy your day in nature with $15 round-trip tickets to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. “We have also done tours of local farms that specialize in organic produce and farm-to-fork fare,” he adds.


Farm-to-Fork Feasts

While many venues have pre-established relationships with catering companies, there is plenty of farm-to-fork grub awaiting you. “The School House Restaurant & Tavern is a hidden gem that is a perfect example of locally grown and sourced products,” says Van Meter. It’s a local favorite, and for good reason. “Everything from the ketchup and mustard is made from scratch,” he adds. Another popular restaurant serving farm-to-fork cuisine is Rev's located in Old Town Clovis. -Rev's prides itself on their amazing dining experience with an emphasis on local, fresh, and quality California cuisine. Enjoy their mouth-watering Wild Caught White Shrimp Cocktail or treat yourself to the scrumptious Rev's Mini Doughnuts, available on the weekends only.


Immersive Experiences

When in Fresno County, culture is always on the menu. In fact, many groups specifically plan their events to coincide with seasonal festivals or major holidays. “Every year, our largest hotel hosts a group for Mardi Gras and transforms the hotel into a small version of the French Quarter,” says Van Meter. The Fresno Dixieland Society is to thank for this one, putting the whole thing together. Even if your conference doesn’t coincide with any festivities, you can still make Fresno County your own. Chat with the FCCVB sales team or your hotel’s event team for more information.


Visit Fresno County, California’s year-round playground! 

Scott Van Meter
Director of Sales

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