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Slice of Comedy headlining Shaman Johal

DiCicco's Old Town Clovis
408 Clovis Avenue Clovis, CA 93612

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Shaman Johal is fast becoming one of the greatest lyft drivers in the LA area, he is also a stand-up comedian. Born in the northern shores of Ireland to a close-knit family of druids, he was deemed the chosen one. After saving all of his homeland from a great potato famine, he realized there was more work to be done and promptly moved to the city of angels otherwise known as Compton, California. Once there, he began learning about the pimp game. Within two days he had his own home business and purple furry drop top Cadillac. Three days in, he caught the attention of the head of the Gambino crime family, who propositioned him to be the new head of the Gambino crime family, he declined the offer and instead, united all the Sicilian crime families into one big mafia and then became their leader. He then became Buddhist and planned to climb the Himalayan mountains barefoot to find enlightenment, but booked the wrong flight and ended up in Japan instead. There, Shaman built the worlds fastest bullet train and had a sword fight with the CEO of Sony for the hand of his daughter. He won the fight, married the daughter, and was given a PlayStation 9. He then moved to Africa, built a cottage in the plains of the Serengeti and had a big bi-racial family. Even though life was good on the plains, eating lion meat and dancing with gazelles, Shaman knew his story had to be told, so he canoed back to America and began doing comedy. Since then he has been seen in the background of a whole number of Hollywood films, usually playing a terrorist, and has been traveling the country doing stand up comedy. 

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