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San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Presents Jerry Greenfield

San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Presents Jerry Greenfield
730 M Street Fresno, CA 93721

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  • Ice Cream, Social Responsibility and an Innovative Business Philosophy. When Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen opened their storefront in Burlington, Vermont more than 30 years ago, neither could have predicted that their passion for ice cream would spark a revolution in social and business strategy that would be copied by conglomerates and small businesses alike. They just knew they liked ice cream and they liked local cows. All these years later, as Ben & Jerry’s serves its ice cream around the world, its co-founder is still thinking about ways that successful business can help develop social responsibility into a win win for the company and the community.Greenfield’s mission and vision is to grow a business in a socially responsible way. He will share his ideas about social spirit, America’s entrepreneurial landscape and ice cream with his signature fun and creative flair.
  • Ticket Price: $30 

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