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San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Dr. Michio Kaku

Saroyan Theatre
730 M Street Fresno, Ca 93721

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Dr. Michio Kaku, the Henry Semat Chair in Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York, is a Harvard graduate, a New York Times best-selling author, a theoretical physicist and popularizer of science. As a co-founder of string theory, Kaku’s Ph.D. level textbooks are required reading at many of the world’s leading physics laboratories.

Despite this prestigious background, Kaku brings science to the average listener on his  national weekly radio program, the largest nationally syndicated science radio show on commercial radio. He is well known from his many TV appearances on CBS, The Colbert Report, The Discovery Channel and many others. Kaku’s most recent book, The Future of the Mind –which hit #1 on the New York Best Seller list – describes the stunning breakthroughs being made in neuroscience, which are beginning to unravel the mysteries of the most complex object in the known universe: the human brain.

Kaku will bring his unique perspective on science and physics, and even business strategy, for an informative and entertaining lecture that includes his goal to complete Einstein’s dream of a “theory of everything.”

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