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Jeff Hill: 65 M.P.H

Spectrum Art Gallery
608 E. Olive Ave. Fresno, CA 93728

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Jeff Hill was born in North Hollywood, raised in Fresno and attended Fresno State in the 1970's. He was a career employee with the CSUF, Henry Madden Library, where he has a permanent exhibit on display. Jeff also worked at the Wild Blue Yonder, a popular Tower District nightclub and venue for live music. It was here that he began presenting slide shows. His art created a subtle, interactive ambiance that filled the room with color and imagery and became a signature photographic style that he coined,“Grid.” The “Grid” technique is a colorful, symbolic juxtaposition of metallic, industrial textures and shapes, combined with a soft partnering of natural specimens and earth elements. Once a devotee of traditional 35 mm film, he eventually transitioned to digital finding greater freedom and more options with digital. Mr. Hill’s focus is on composition. He considers himself part of the school that finds it more creatively fulfilling to focus on choosing the subject matter, conceptualizing the composition and then taking a photo. Jeff blends a mixture of cast-off, man-made components with earthly constituents such as plants, flowers, water and sky, and uses layers of neon and pop-art colors to create unique, one of a kind graphics. Jeff employs shadow, color, texture and shape combined to craft images that viewers can define on their own terms. The goal being to encourage people to take fifteen seconds away from the business of life for reflection. Grid graphically exemplifies Jeff's long-held devotion to the care of the planet. “65 M.P.H.”, is Jeff Hill’s first solo exhibition at Spectrum Art Gallery in the Tower;the Artist Reception is June 4th and the show runs through June 28, 2015.



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