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First Try

Fresno Soap Co
1470 N Van Ness Ave Fresno, CA 93728

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FIRST TRY, is the Fresno premiere of a lighthearted drama by senior Fresno City College drama student, Jesse Parr, and is the writer's first original work for community theater. Jan 13-14 & 20-21 at 8:00PM Jan 15 & 22 at 2:00 PM Phillip is a black physician in his late 50's. Jonathan is a stubborn, white, graphic designer in his mid-20's. They become stranded, when Jonathan's truck runs out of oil and stalls on a dark California road, surrounded by miles of corn fields, somewhere between Tulare and the Grapevine. It's well past Midnight, and there's not a sign of life in sight. They're on their way to Los Angeles for the wedding of Phillip's daughter, Amanda, to Jonathan. Phillip and Jonathan just met that morning. All they have in the back of the truck are their suitcases, a few bags of peanuts and 30 bottles of wine for the wedding. They're hungry. They'd stopped earlier at a Taco Bell. Amanda hoped the drive would result in her father and Jonathan bonding. Under these circumstances, it would be difficult enough, and especially for Phillip, who personally feels Jonathan isn't the ideal match for his daughter. He knows virtually nothing about his future son-in-law, and even tries to bring up a vague notion of coloring between the lines. Jonathan doesn't drink any alcohol, sinceh his father was a heavy drinker. Phillip asks him to lighten up and share just one small cup of wine. Jonathan reluctantly agrees. They open a bottle and snack on peanuts. Jonathan quickly polishes off two bottles of wine, getting totally drunk. He then proceeds to pour his heart out to Phillip, with arrogance and attitude included, as well as a litany of personal frustrations that are all nonsense. Phillip must reckon himself to what he is hearing and come to grips with the fact that in three days time, Jonathan will be family. Their conversation is riddled with humor, some heartache, and with a result being compromise. Will they bond? Will they finally flag down a passing car? Will they get to Los Angeles in time for the wedding? Will there even be a wedding? Come see FIRST TRY and find out!

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