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Clark Bonsai Collection: Doing It with Style

Woodward Park-Shinzen Friendship Garden
114 W Audobon Dr. Fresno, CA 93720

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When strolling through the bonsai exhibit visitors may notice certain similarities in the shapes of the trunks of various bonsai. Some are rigidly vertical, upright and straight, some slant to one side or the other, some have twists and bends, while yet others lean precariously over the side of their containers and even cascade far below the container. What is revealed in these various trunk shapes is the basic language of the art of bonsai -- the "style" of the bonsai. Bonsai "styles" are the departure points of reference for bonsai artists to create and depict the infinite variety of tree images to be found in forests, mountains and sea shores. The five basic "styles" as described above - formal upright, slant, informal upright, semi-cascade and full cascade - are derived from observation of trees shaped by their environment. The tall ram-rod straight forest pines, slanting cypresses with sweeping branches providing a counter balance, juniper trunks bent and twisted, mountain conifers with trunks that lean at precarious angles or even cascade over a cliff side are all inspired by nature’s drama. The designs of all bonsai are derivative of these five basic styles. However this is not the whole story. The arrangement of branches and the numbers of trunks in a given composition add punctuation and adjectives to the language of bonsai design and give rise to a myriad of other bonsai "styles" such as forest, windswept, broom and the ethereal literati. When next you visit the Golden State Bonsai Federation’s Clark Bonsai Collection in the Shinzen Gardens view the bonsai with new eyes and see how many "styles" you can identify.

Price: $5 for 15 years old-Adult; $7 Family (2-5 people) $1 Students, Veterans, Seniors 62+
  *Please note: Woodward Park entry/parking fee per car: $5; $3 for seniors; $7 on holidays

Hours of Operation
September-October: 10:00am-4:00pm  Weekends
*All other times by making an appointment through website or when hosts are available

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