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Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park lies 55 miles east of Fresno on Highway 180 ($30 entry fee). Within the Park visitors will find giant canyons, serene lakes, majestic waterfalls and beautiful mountain meadows.

At 8,200 feet deep Kings Canyon is 2,000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon. The white water of the Kings River is an awesome sight to behold as it rushes between the granite canyon walls. Kings Canyon National Park is also home to the General Grant Tree, the third largest tree in the world, also called the “Nation’s Christmas Tree". For more information call (559) 565-3341 or visit www.nps.gov/seki.

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Places and Attractions Map

Places and Attractions Listing

Boyden Cavern

74101 E Kings Canyon Grant Grove, CA 93633

Boyden Cavern is located in Kings Canyon, Giant Sequoia National Monument, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places on earth.

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove Kings Canyon National Park, California

The Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon lies in the eastern portion of the park and encompasses the Middle and South Forks of the Kings River, which is popular among kayakers and rafters.

Cedar Grove Stables

108300 Cedar Ln Kings Canyon National Park, CA 93262

General Grant Tree

General Grant Tree Kings Canyon National Park, California

The General Grant tree, the second-largest sequoia in the world, is a 3,000-year-old wonder and the centerpiece of Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park.

Grant Grove Stables

Grant Grove King Canyon National Park, CA 93633

Riding horseback in Kings Canyon National Park provides the visitor with a fun and unique experience. You will be surrounded by history, scenery, and a natural setting that have made riding horses in Kings Canyon National Park a must do experience.

Grant Grove Visitors Center

86728 California 180 Kings Canyon National Park, CA

In Grant Grove Village, the Kings Canyon Visitors Center serves as a compelling introduction to the “trinity of treasures” in Kings Canyon National Park.

Mist Falls Trail

Mist Falls Kings Canyon National Park, CA

The trail to Mist Falls is one of the most popular in Kings Canyon. Families out for a short stroll from Roads' End, day hikers going to the falls, and backpackers starting the Rae Lakes Loop all share the first few miles of the trail.

Panoramic Point

Panoramic Point Kings Canyon National Park, California

Panoramic Point is a 7,520-foot overlook located northeast of Grant Grove. Accessible via a short drive, Kings Canyon Panoramic Point offers benches where visitors can relax and gaze upon the area's stunning mountain peaks and valleys.

Redwood Canyon

Redwood Canyon Kings Canyon National Park, CA

The Redwood Canyon contains the largest of all sequoia groves and the largest area of old-growth sequoia trees.

Zumwalt Meadow

Zumwalt Meadows Kings Canyon National Park, California

Zumwalt Meadow provides visitors with a scenic contrast to the powerful rock formations deep in the heart of the canyon. Glorious and lush in spring and splendid in summer and fall, Zumwalt Meadow is a spectacular alpine setting.