CSU Fresno Association

2771 E. Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA 93710

The California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. was incorporated in 1961 to the "Fresno State College Association, Inc" in order to provide a legal body to administer the bookstore, food services, and student body activities. Eventually the responsibilities expanded along with the creation of the college union in 1968,with student housing added in the early 1990's. 1972 Marked the designation of Fresno State College to "California State University, Fresno," and May 28, 1975 was the date when Articles of Incorporation of the Association was amended to become the "California State University, Fresno Association, Inc."

To date, the CSU Fresno State Association, Inc. currently handles and operates commercial operations on behalf of the University. The Association also provides management, accounting, information services, legal services, and professional services to other campus auxiliary organizations including the Foundation, the Agricultural Foundation, Associated Students and Fresno State Programs for Children.

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